New Home Construction


Have you ever built a new home?  If you have then you understand firsthand how time consuming and exhausting it can be to stay on top of every detail and specification of the construction process.  Even when you have architects, construction builders, and real estate professionals working with you, every aspect of the construction process requires your attention and approval to ensure that your home is being built not only to your aesthetic specifications, but to ensure that the trade involved in the building process is not "cutting corners" or overlooking your specific final goals. ​


RSZ Interiors welcomes and loves the challenge of building a new home.  We understand the process and can aide you in making the right decisions from the start.  The best time to get RSZ Interiors involved   is at conception: blue print stage.  We can partner with you and attend architect and builder meetings and assist you in modifying your plans to reflect your lifestyle, your taste and your ultimate vision for this home.  The best time (and least expensive) time to design a dramatic lighting plan, a state of art kitchen, a practical and functional library, or a romantic and relaxing master suite is at the blue print stage.

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